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Daily Schedule


Director/ Pre-K Teacher: Kathy Berens

 Preschool/Pre-K Teacher: Caryn Hewlett

Toddler Teacher: Brenda Hansen

Teaching Assistants: Aliana Deveza, Nicole Malcom & Rebecca Russell

7:30-8:45       Early Arrival Centers

8:45-9:30       Morning Playground & Arrival Time

9:25-9:35       Transition/Bathroom

9:35-9:50       Snack

9:50-10:25     Indoor Centers (Chapel Wed. 10:15-10:45 with Pastor Jim Lapp)

10:25-10:35   Transition/Bathroom/Clean-up

10:35-11:00    Circle Time/Group Gathering

11:00-12:00   Outdoor Playtime or Alternative (rain/cold) Indoor Motor Development Program

11:55-12:05    Transition/Bathroom

12:05-12:30    Lunch

1:00-3:00       Rest Time

3:00-3:30       Transition/Bathroom/Snack

3:30-5:30        After School Program (indoor/outdoor)

5:30                  Final Pick-up


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Hours & Info

PHONE: Contact Kathy Berens at (831) 462-4453 for details.
HOURS: 7:30am - 5:30pm.

Easy Highway 1 access to and from most any Santa Cruz location.
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