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Social/Behavioral Goals

Social-emotional skills are developed through redirection and teaching problem-solving skills with an emphasis on kindness to self, others, and materials.

Educational Goals

We provide curriculum which emphasizes Howard Gardnerʼs theory of  Multiple
Intelligences, incorporating fun activities and games that focus on developing a
childʼs age appropriate skills in the areas of:

  • Naturalist Science activities include gardening, hatching chicks and ducks, metamorphosis, releasing ladybugs, pet care, and cooking.
  • April chick holding 017Easter Monday 003Aug 12 Farwell Adam 030IMG_0603Nov pies 073img_2269 img_2281img_2932img_1474
  • Logical-Mathematical
    Number recognition and sequencing is taught through play and circle time instruction. Examples of games are; Numbers Bingo which is recognition and matching, Spider Math which is taking a handful of spiders in each hand counting each, then together to total, and Snakes which is rolling the dice, counting the dots, and then crossing out the corresponding number. Manipulatives are provided such as Geoboards and Pattern Blocks for geometric recognition and  matching. Counting sticks are created for practice at sequencing. During Circle Time we provide a daily calendar activity including counting in Spanish, Italian, and French.
  • img_3844jan-14-007img_1672
  • Visual Spatial
    painting, drawing, multimedia, visual relationships
  • April Chicks buttons 043May 8 002img_7230 img_7297 img_7303img_7263
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic
  • Jan 20-23 019image1(4)image1(5)img_7315image17
    Pediatric yoga, bikes, balls, dramatic role play
  • Verbal Linguistic
    visual3Dominics Bday 007August 25 26 055img_6502img_3354
    SSCDC offers SEEDS quality teachers who are trained in SEEDS literacy curriculum, sponsored by First 5 Santa Cruz County. SEEDS activities build a foundation in early stages of literacy, which include phonological awareness, oral language, alphabet knowledge, print awareness, and comprehension.Stories come to life as we act out Jan Brett’s,”The Mitten”, and other favorites. Dr. Seuss month includes enjoying his books and eating green eggs and ham. Students Journal by drawing pictures and dictating  their own stories which honors and inspires their individual ideas and creativity.
  • Musical Rhythmic
  • Jan 6 015IMG_3925Xmas pageant 006image4image12
    Singing, fingerplays, playing instruments
  • Interpersonal
  • IMG_1569IMG_3974Valentine festivities 019Aug Teddy Bear Picnic 004img_7460img_1479
    Cooperative play activities, sharing, explaining
  • Intrapersonal
  • Aug 5 008Valentine festivities 018img_17431img_7294img_1482img_1472
    Self-paced independent work, exploration, reflection

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