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Maypole, Metamorphosis & Gardening

May first is the day we celebrate the spring thaw by wrapping a pole with ribbons, which is called a “Maypole.”  After, we went into our garden and explored, watered and ate fresh strawberries plucked from the vine.
It sure was hot out most of the week. We set up water tables, watered our garden, and added water in the sand. Pictured here are the children enjoying caring for their garden. They are eating strawberries, and observing carrot and onion flowers. Next week we will plant our corn patch and start to fill our planter boxes. The butterfly bushes and milkweed are just about to bloom.

Inside we are observing butterfly metamorphosis and counting down until May 16 when our duck eggs should hatch. Next week we will bring out the Silkworm eggs. Nature is all around us. These activities are peeking their curiosity and provides for rich conversations.

Have a great weekend! The Misses

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