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SSCDC: Weekly Email Feb 24

Dear SSCDC Families,

We welcomed Eli to our school this week. He is the fourth child from the same home daycare. This has made it nice for him to have familiar friends. He especially enjoyed Chapel and meeting Pastor Jim.

My mother enjoyed getting to know the children during her visit. They enjoyed playing with her, especially Nolan and Avagail.

We started a Repeat Read Aloud this week called,”The Bear Snores On.” First we discuss the parts of the book. Their favorite is the “spine!!” Have them show you what that is. We discussed the meaning of the title, author and illustrator. Then, we looked at each vocabulary word and discussed the definitions. Each child held a word and looked and listened for their word to come up in the book. They placed them in a row and after we said each word and the definition again. They enjoy participating and learning. Over time they will learn through the play of participating book and print rules along with discovering new words along the way.

We had fun making paperplate art on the record player using markers on it while it spinned. Miss Caryn has started a 3-D art project that you will hear more about next wee.

For those who signed up UCSC will be here Tuesday and Thursday to conduct the study.

It was a great week. Feel better friends who have been out sick.

Have a great weekend! The Misses

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